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Embrace the Power of Authenticity and Vulnerability, BE

Unapologetically  YOU.

Pleasure revolution

I feel you, my dear. You are a Leader; you have been through so much but you pushed through it all.


Your strength is truly remarkable, and your determination to succeed in all areas of life is unwavering. You never let major transitions or shifts hold you back from achieving your goals.

Everyone admires your strength and tenacity, they come to you for help. What they do not know is that you are hurting, exhausted and always second-guessing your decisions but you feel ashamed and embarrassed to ask for help for fear of seeming weak.

I am here to help you activate your Inner Magnetism so that you can connect to the Passion, Sensuality and Soul of life.

         Life is too short to work hard, and make money but not living

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"We can't be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. 

Holding onto something that is good for you now, maybe the reason why you don't have something better".

C. Joybell C.

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 Meet Gao Motsemme

 A mother, Quantum Witchdoctor,

UnapologeticallyYOU Soul Liberator,

and Change Management Certified Expert devoted to helping Leaders activate their Inner Magnetism and create Work-Life Balance without sacrificing their health and personal or professional relationships.


For the past 6 years I have been empowering Individuals to Reinvent themselves, Redesign their life and Rebuild their confidence after major life shifts and initiations so that can connect to the soul of life  ...otherwise, why are you here?


I was initiated to my work through major life shifts. Not only was I mourning the end of a relationship and marriage but I faced a judicial Injustice which led to being separated from my children for 5 years, and that woke me to my Power and calling.


I have a unique ability to tune in to your energetic fields and work on the patterns that prevent you from moving forward in your life,

( emotional, physical, and mental blocks).

Remember Leadership is not just a position or role, it's mastering yourself. Who are you?


YOU cannot lead anyone if you cannot lead yourself.

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 Certified Change Expert,
"Unapolgetically YOU" Soul Liberator

The chameleon does not fight reality; it trusts its capability to change the colour of its skin and camouflage for it to survive.

You have the power to influence any outcome if you are Unapologetically YOU and trust your capabilities and your abilities.

Beyond the understanding of the rational MInd

“Gao works at a level that is beyond the understanding of the rational mind. She has been able to access and free blocks I do not believe would have been possible for me to access myself or with conventional coaching or talk therapy methods. Elizabeth G."

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Unapologetically YOU is perfect for you, this is where we dive deep one-on-one for 12 weeks 

I am going through something personal, let's  dive deep and work on the core issues 

The pleasure revolution is limited to a maximum of 10 women who are willing to come together and heal their different unique issues which are also every woman's issues. It's the ancient ancestral beliefs and imprints that stifle the whispers of "There is more I am here to be, do and have" Dissolve the discordant grids and matrixes of the witches and bitches labels that are holding your enchantress back from claiming her power fully, in the bedroom or boardroom. So that the fully expressed Unapologetic self can emerge.

This is for you Who want to embody your wholeness magnificence, heal, activate and be in tune with your sensuality, sexuality, eroticism and full-blown Orgasmic creativity and heart orgasm like never before.  

I feel lost, tired and disconnected from myself. I am yearning for more, I want Freedom

Please check the shop for any healing mp3 that your soul calls forth for you.

I am still undecided but I know I would use some help

Are you ready To Go ?


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Magic happens when you embrace your authentic self and release the unintentional fake and phoney self perception that doesn't exist.God doesn't make a mistake, you are not a mistake...what you going through is not a mistake.

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