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About Me

Gao Motsemme

Instead of resisting to changes, surrender.Let life be with you. If you think "My life will be upside down" don't worry. How do you know down is not better than upside? 

-Shamz of Tabriz 

Work with me to help you rapidly rebuild



Unapologetically YOU,..Embrace the power of Authenticity and Vulnerability 


Why Me ?

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I've helped many men and women who felt lost, exhausted and didn't know what to do, who they are or where to start rapidly rebuild, awaken confidence and pleasure. Before you think you are a man, let me tell you something, most men I worked with were even suicidal, men hurt too, they are human.

I'm from a family that is perfect in its own imperfections and a complex ancestral lineage too, don't we have different versions of that? I have been in emotionally depleting relationships, jobs, and divorce. I found myself twice(in different countries, and continents) in situations where I was not mourning the end of the relationships but dealing with corruption that led to being separated from my children and feeling powerless and broken. I watched the strong woman paradigm dissolve and learned what true power is when I embrace authenticity and vulnerability. I evolved beyond the victim, betrayals, and emotional pains: I am the woman that deserves more and I am helping many individuals treat themselves better than the past. 

I am an Energetic Liberator with a unique ability to tune in to your energy fields and work on the patterns that may be preventing you from moving forward in your life, work, finances and relationships as well as blocks to your physical and emotional healing..

Gao Motsemme, Embodiment Queen
"Unapologetically YOU" Soul Liberator
  Certified Change Expert


She got to the core of my issues

"Gao is the only coach that has been able to get to the core of my issue and for that I am very grateful I love her integrity, strength and passion to help in a way that is very unique!! She is a very powerful woman yet with so much grace and passion to help!! I would definitely recommend Gao and will myself have a few more coaching lessons. - Lucie Martin

Success Stories.

I started selling after we spoke

My passion has been unleashed....I have started my business now...its a lot of hard work and its fulfilling at the same time...I don’t have words to describe how I feel at this after’s a miracle ...I've never thought arriving here was possible and also seeing the future unfold the way it's just amazing…….I started selling immediately after we spoke, I’m getting emotional about it.. Thank you - Tsholo

Endometriosis and low blood pressure cleared after 4 weeks 

I had extreme pain around my pelvic area, and it was hard for me to urinate and during my period I had heavy bleeding which lasted 14days non-stop with vomiting and cramps. I was diagnosed with low blood pressure and endometriosis, but the ovaries were the ones affected and my doctor booked for me to have a surgery around May. My doctor said I have a high chance of being infertile due to this illness. I met GAO and we started working together, with her magical work it took me one month when I went back to see my doctor he did a scan, we were both shocked not to find anything he told me that everything looked healthy, even my blood pressure was normal now I only take 5days during my period with no cramps. You never know until u give it a try yes at first, I wasn't sure because nothing was working for me and now I'm healed I have experienced her magical work. - RM

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I moved past a dysfunctional relationship, connected to my body and my heart is open´üä

I was able to create a civil relationship with my estranged husband despite the dreadful things he had said to me and despite my discovering the extent of his dishonesty. I was able to access new power and insight that assisted me in getting more engagement with people with regard to my coaching business. I developed a much greater capacity to open my heart and have my attention in my body.  - E.G.

  I am reunited with my Higherself and I am genuinely joyful

Before I started my healing with Gao...

I was lost, confused, sceptical and just in the dark, she showed me that my power lies within, she opened me up to a world I never knew existed. She helped and guided me to own my light and my truth. She helped me re-unite with my higher self and now My soul is dancing every day and I am filled with nothing but gratitude. I am healing, I am rediscovering myself and I am genuinely joyful. Thank you, Gao, words can't begin to explain how grateful I truly am🙏🙏-MM

Changed things for me in a major wây

Her knowledge of this particular area was a relief. Gao Motsemme was so incredibly kind, sweet, and affective! Her knowledge of this particular area was a relief. I had been to so many healers, and her techniques changed things for me, in a major way. I recommend giving her a try, you might see a major shift!  - Kitoto Sunshine

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The  saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions; could have, might have and should have.
Louis E.Boone

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