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Wednesday 1st til 3rd of November, 8 pm CET/2PM EST


Your Confidence Bulletproof Blueprint to unlock your power and unchain yourself from the past so that you can embody your value, attract healthy and functional relationships and opportunities and live the life you deserve in the next 3 days

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With Magnetic Confidence Accelerator you unlearn and say goodbye to limiting beliefs that you are not enough, untangle emotional, mental and physical pain that hold you back so that you can align with your Power and Authenticity and uplevel into new levels of expansion and potential
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  • You have confidence in who you are and what you do and no longer being held back by old beliefs, patterns and imprints

  • You Fully embraced your uniqueness and gave yourself permission to stand out and shine your light so brightly without the fear of judgement or being disliked

  • You were visible and attracting great opportunities you deserve  in your Career/Business  without ever feeling stuck or overlooked,  and being paid for your brilliance, 

  • You healed your emotional, mental and physical pains from the betrayals, abandonment, abuse and rejection and created space for your true soul desires

  • You could look at yourself in the mirror and fall in love with your unique body and experience the bliss of being in your body and connected to all of your senses

  • You knew your worth and embodied it, breaking the cycle of repeatedly attracting  toxic relationships and no longer settling for less than you deserve

  • You could Eliminate doubt and overthinking at its core and say goodbye to self-sabotage, procrastination and people-pleasing habits 

  • You lived life unapologetically without holding back embracing every opportunity and achieving everything you truly desire. It's time to unleash your full potential and make your dreams a reality.

But the Truth is

It takes guts and tenacity to Uplevel and break through childhood wounds, painful past, limiting beliefs  and ancestral survival imprints, vows and bonds to claim your Freedom of individuality and live the life you are meant to live.

Many individuals desire success but often face obstacles, resulting in frustration and burnout.

Some believe that they have to compromise either their relationships with themselves and their loved ones to be successful

Some don't even bother coz they believe they don't have it within them yet they are secretly frustrated 

The secret is not in doing but in who you are being, Confidence and your energy are key

Many confuse a few lines and templates with confidence, but they are deceived by the energy they exude

Are you possibly experiencing this;

  • You are a nice person who often sacrifices what you want to make other people happy or to have peace 

  • You are stuck in passionate yet emotionally destructive and depleting relationship patterns

  • You feel stuck, unsatisfied, overwhelmed and a bit lost in your current circumstances and you don't know how to get a breakthrough

  • You doubt yourself and the fear voices are so loud that you second guess every decision you make

  • You are very self-conscious, you let insecurity, envy, doubt and fear interfere with your destined success 

  • You know you are meant for more but somehow you are in an uphill battle, you take a step forward and 3 back

  • You find it hard to assert your desires and boundaries or to be assertive without overbearing

  • You are secretly worried that you are not young anymore but you have nothing to show for it

  • You often say yes to things when you wanna say no or vice versa and then you beat yourself up when you alone

  • You have had a painful past of betrayal, abuse, abandonment and rejection and it's hard to trust people and life

  • You have great ideas but you find it hard to take action

I feel you, my dear,

you are very strong and resilient in life

Everyone admires your strength and tenacity, they come to you for help

What they do not know is that you are hurting, and exhausted


but you feel ashamed and embarrassed to ask for help for fear of seeming weak.​

You are a leader, no doubt

Allow me to hold your hand,

I have been like that too, until I realized my true strength is in my vulnerability.....we are not meant to do this alone


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  • ​activate feeling safe and supported in the physical plane,


  • release beliefs, imprints, vows and contracts of pain and suffering



  • align with the frequency of ease and flow.



  • release memories of failed relationships
  • fall madly in love with your gifts and share them
  • open your heart to the love you deserve.



  • align with your Divine wholeness
  • open to receive wisdom and money
  • trust your Intuition
  • activate your worthiness to be paid for your gifts and so much more!
  • connect to your power centre of your money and soul message
  • connected to the power centre of vision, impact, and Intuition



  • Activate freewill and choice 
  • invite the masculine and paternal lineage to align with money and pleasure while sharing your gifts.
  • be self-aware, journal, and record what shifts you can create
  • see the magic unfold as you take back your power
  • own your sexual and orgasmic energy more fully

Normally: $144

Normally: $77

Normally: $88

Normally: $88



Transcend and overcome the limitations, beliefs, patterns, and imprints that bind you in pain and suffering so that your Unapologetically YOU can emerge. Do not die with your music inside.

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I am Gao’ Motsemme, the Embodiment Queen, the go-to Energetic Master of connection to the Body


Over the years my programs have touched the lives of many women, men and children


I have helped many to access their highest inner intelligence, activating their Freedom of Individuality.


Many turned their pains and fears into Magnetic Confidence by harnessing their sexual energy and redirecting it to Re-ignite their passion and spark in relationships, reigniting their purpose, profit and performance in the bedroom and boardroom 


She rewires the Mind and Body awakening confidence at a level never experienced before, many restored their Health(some ended up cancelling surgeries.


Conflicts are resolved at their core and clients are resilient and grounded at times of change.


Gao Motsemme, APMG Change Management Certified

Balanced Leadership, Communication, Interviewing & Presentation

CIMA Cert BA, AAT. Languages; English, Deutsch(C1) and Setswana

But it wasn’t always like that:

I am someone who was born confident but it was not embodied coz from since I was a child I was told I was too much and I would be pregnant and not finish school, planting the seed of shame...which bloomed.


I always pursued what I wanted from the "I will prove you wrong mentality" which is not sustainable but the moment I got it, I would start feeling unworthy of it and shrinking.


 I still remember that there were times when I lacked confidence...when we went into meetings or workshops I would be consumed by my inner dialogue

lots of doubt,  trying to think ahead in case I have to answer a question, only to find that I didn’t even hear what was being said


I didn’t even have the guts to ask a question if I didn't understand something (fear of being judged for not being intelligent) or delegate coz I wanted to prove something 

At times I would have an idea but instead of sharing it I would be there questioning if it would be the right thing, 

will it make sense or I will make a fool of myself?🤔

and when someone says the same thing I would say that’s what I was thinking too….


Hello, why didn’t you say it?


Can anyone relate to this, I was going to say that, 

he took my words …….      
I slowly became the weakest link because whenever a decision has to be made, 

or there were different opinions,

I couldn't stand up and voice my opinion with conviction,

I waited to see what the majority of the team says and go with them

and this led to me being invisible and overlooked when it comes to promotions and raises. self-criticism is poisonous

I lived a lie, chasing a career that was approved of in society, secretly ashamed of the gifts I was born with.

I also wore a rescuer mask, that was because of my hidden addiction...attracting broken people which led to many painful toxic experiences both at work and in my personal life


Being Separated from my children for 5 years was the most excruciating journey yet the most rewarding coz it brought me back to myself and awakened me to my purpose. This or more is possible for you

Now I can’t wait to share my unique powerful genius so that you can unlock your magnetic confidence and embody your unique genius!!

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She helped me also with discovering myself and I was able to leave my cheating partner.

I met Dr Motsemme from a colleague...I was really in a dark space by then going through a whole lot...I was really depressed from life in general from a cheating partner to a sick child to not accepting the loss of a loved one..when we talked telephonically I was a bit hesitant..ijooh Kante! she did a reading about my late dad and it was so spot on..she helped me also with discovering myself and I was able to leave my cheating partner...right now am doing great..I face challenges without a relapse. I get to think of the life skills she taught me..I would like to thank her for playing such a big role in my life especially for someone like me who did not believe much on counselling...thank you mma Motsemme.

13k in 7 Days

Just thought of you this morning and still struggling to find words to describe where my life is right now since I started working with you. I have never been gifted cash money in my life, yes I have received gifts from friends and family..but not money. In less than 7 days I have been gifted about 13k without asking which I needed. I am speechless and I know it’s the work I am doing with you that has opened doors that never existed in my life.

Healing truly hits different ..I am lost for words

I received the ability to let go of pain and old stories so I could re-build stronger

I was at war with my husband and wanting to move forwards repairing my lost confidence snd dealing with the hurt and anger that I could see could be potentially destructive

What I received was an ability to let go of pain and old stories so I could re build stronger than before in a way where I could be more deeply in integrity and more deeply "in my body"

I think that was at the heart of your allowed me to relax into my body because my old trauma fear and pain was blocking me from doing that…

Being more in my body…well that's the gift that keeps on giving

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Connection with the Inner child unlocked creativity

Through out my adulthood, I’ve come across the “so called inner child “ line and never understood what it really meant. In my head the inner child didn’t exist because it is the young version of me so we grew up together anyway 🙄

So I got to understand what it’s meant to meet your inner child when working with Gao and for me it was the first time..since I was a child I got to master blocking my emotions including tears as a self protective measure..I thought being vulnerable made me weak and satisfied those who wanted to hurt me. I blocked even my childhood memories.I also realize it was the main reason i couldn’t make friends. I didn’t trust anyone and also didn’t allow myself to be vulnerable because I didn’t feel the need. I was simply closed and that became a part of me to avoid rejection and abuse. This means I experienced life always guarded and not open to anything . Gao picked this disconnection in the session and that I needed to reconnect to the little child in me. I remember feelings of resistance at the beginning, not wanting to go there because of a lot of fear . Fear of opening up old wounds that will never be resolved. I remember crying in one of the sessions as I connected to this inner fragile little me who had been through so much . I cried and cried because I could connect with how I felt for the first time . It was painful yet liberating at the same time.This was a beginning of new chapter of my life. The awareness and the healing of the traumatized little me has been the biggest step that the sessions with Gao have brought to my life .I am improving by the day with connecting to her. My imagination and creativity has come alive,thanks to Gao for allowing her Divine purpose to unfold. Life is amazing

My only complaint is having so many customers

For as long as I can remember I have always felt lost, like I was just drifting in the wind with no direction no purpose, I had so many undealt issues, unhealed emotional wounds dating back from my childhood. At some point it got so bad, I was so depressed and sucidal,that's when I knew something had to give, I needed help. With her healing everything began to change. I have been struggling with starting my business, but I can proudly say my business is doing amazingly great, my only complaint is having so many customers🥰🥰🤣. My healing with her has worked miracles for me and I will always be grateful to her and her teachings as she has showed me a better way of living and to fully live and not just exist.I am well on my way to becoming the authentic and unapologetic ME. Thank you so much Miss Motsemme .

Deeper connection, intimacy I didn't know existed

I have always considered me & my partner to have a great sex life until I did a session with Gao. I did the session out of curiosity, wondering what more 🙄…I was taken to another level of intimacy that I didn’t know existed. The deeper connection and magic that came through was something else. My creative powers reactivated. life is beautiful . Thank you Gao

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She guided me into clarity and self-power

Gao has been an amazing mentor to me, especially in the most challenging times of my journey as I have been going through major financial and relationship challenges. At a period where I experienced the death of my old self, my whole life-changing, and I was lost in uncertainty she has guided me into clarity and self-power. Gao’s understanding of human soul and her deep wisdom has allowed me to recognize what I couldn’t see in myself. Her amazing gift of healing energies literally shifted my state of being each time we have worked together. Her brilliant observations and insights have made me see my blockages clearly, in shocking ways! She has the gift of expressing what is hiding from naked eye and it is truly a transformational experience.

I am infinitely grateful for her unconditional love and support, her inspiring feminine power on fire, which uplifts me, restores my inner power and guides me back to my truth (and Gao you do it so elegantly and naturally that I am in awe each time:)

I am eternally grateful to have Gao as a powerful and loving guide in my life🙏

My Intuition is now switched on

Good morning Gao…reflecting back at my life …you are the first person that comes to mind early this morning….my whole soul is overwhelmed with gratitude to God for allowing me to cross paths with you in this lifetime. Your work is absolutely divine and has awakened this Goddess in me that I didn’t know existed. My intuition is now switched on. I grapple with words to describe what working with you has done for me. The $9k I paid is no match to this work, there’s no price tag to it .I see it as only a token of appreciation . Words simply fail me at this moment. Six months ago I was lost and now I am found!!!! I am reminded of the story of the prodigal son in the Bible 🙏My  soul can’t fathom this new way of being 🙌🙌✨Yours is a Divine Gift 🙏🙏✨Have beautiful week ✨💕

We agreed we will go together to a lawyer to sort finances

I am soo excited to wait till Wednesday to tell you: me and my husband had the most amazing healing conversation yesterday when we met for my daughter’s school leaving ceremony. He said he had been "a prick", he asked of i still thought we had made the right decision. I said yes. I said i still loved him and always would but it was right to go out separate ways. I have him a hug. I had a cry. We agreed we will go together to a lawyer to sort finances. This is amazing. Never thought that could happen. I couldn't have without you. Deeply grateful to you, you incredible being 📷📷

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